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You have already received your 2017/18 membership cards. As usual, you are asked to complete and hand in the appropriate attendance slip for each lecture you attend. This is required because The Arts Society insurers will only pay claims relating to a member who is registered as attending a meeting. The system works well and we thank you for your co-operation.

Some of our members have, in the past, volunteered to host our lecturer on the evening prior to the lecture, and we would be grateful if more volunteers would come forward to fulfil this very pleasant task. Please contact Clare Allerton, Programme Secretary, Tel: 01433 639768.

Postage is becoming an increasing cost for the distribution of the Newsletters and its various enclosures. Wherever possible, we try and distribute these at one of our regular talks but there are invariably occasions when this does not happen and we have to resort to the postal service.

We have considered e-mailing the newsletters but not everyone is comfortable with e-mails and besides there are frequently additional items to include (application forms for Study Days, Visits and Programme Cards or AGM paperwork etc.)

Would any of our members who have access to a franking machine be willing to sponsor our postage, on an occasional basis?   Not only would you be helping the Society but you would, at the same time, be promoting your own business.

If anyone feels able to help, please speak to one of the Committee.

Members may bring guests to lectures, with prior approval from Membership Secretary, Mrs Hisako Robinson (Tel. No. 01629 813407), but guests can only attend two lectures per season and not all requests can be granted.  A £6 donation will be required for this facility.

Members should note that coffee will be available in the main restaurant from 10.00 prior to each lecture.  This area will be reserved for Cavendish members only. 

Application forms for new members are available here

You will notice that the Renewal of Membership form included a box to be ticked if you would be willing to volunteer to join the Committee.  As you will know the Chairman retires after three years and the Treasurer and Secretary after five years.  Other Committee members’ jobs are less defined.

We are urgently seeking a few people who would be prepared for their names to be put on a list of volunteers, so when positions become vacant we have an initial source of people we can contact.

Please do not by shy – committee work is your chance to become more involved in your society, to get to know other members, and to contribute some help to enable us to keep going!  It is enjoyable and informal and we look forward to a positive response from our members.  Please think about it and tick the box!

Our membership is held at 400 with a waiting list.

To apply for membership, please download and return the application form by mail. The membership secretary will advise you of the reduced rate for joining if part way through this year of events.




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